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Culleton’s story of repeated triumph over adversity will inspire you to overcome the negatives in your life and to achieve your dreams.

Advice and inspiration for people with ADD, ADHD and Anxiety

Overcoming Adult ADHD

The Story of a Man Who Took Advantage of the Adversity He Faced.

Rick Culleton - Overcoming Anxiety

In his candid, entertaining debut book, Messed Up Like You, Rick Culleton shares sometimes hair-raising experiences from his personal life, business ventures and mental health journey and weaves them together with anecdotes from flight school. His narrative, which shows how lessons he learned up in the air apply to life in general, will inspire readers who feel written off by society.

“There are fictional characters with many talents and quirks far less compelling than real-life Rick Culleton.”

– Chris Cordani – Host, Book Spectrum; Exec. Producer: The Hard Truth with Tony Shaffer

Overcoming Adult ADHD and Anxiety

Managing ADD, ADHD, and Anxiety: Strategies for Success.

“Rick Culleton has hustled his entire life. His story exemplifies the importance of drive and ambition in determining success. A gritty, story with a happy ending that’s still being written.”

- John Kelly 
Detroit Free Press

Messed Up Like You is an inspiration. Rick Culleton proves that regardless of where you begin in life, you can achieve your dreams.”

- Flying Book Review

"Both fascinating reading entertainment and a trove of cogent advice, this book is a winner, offering - ‘If we want something badly enough, we can sometimes make a dream come true.'"

- Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Hall of Fame Reviewer

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